Monday, 20 June 2011

My Folksy Store

Hello and my apologies for the long delay since my last post.  My family and I have relocated further south in Scotland and we still have quite a number of boxes to unpack!

I have had my store on Folksy for quite some time, but have never used it very much, preferring to concentrate on using Etsy, but I have now decided to split my stock between the two and over the next few weeks, my newly made items will be listed on my Folksy store.

Please take a look The Enchanted Grove on Folksy:

The longest day is almost with us, so Happy Summer Solstice, although summer seems to have by-passed Scotland this year!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Free Shipping on All Items in My Etsy Store

Hi there - this is just to let you know that there is free shipping on all items in my Etsy Store, The Enchanted Grove.  My store has a wealth of handmade and beautiful items that would make perfect gifts for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays, or just as a treat for yourself.  Why not have a visit and see what I have on offer?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Part 2 of Preview ....

Part 2 of the Preview will be coming later today - unfortunately I discovered that Google Blogs will only allow a certain amount of space for a post, and I had written out the whole of the preview I wanted to post, but then I found it had lost over half of it  .... not good!  So please visit again later for more more news.

Preview of My New Treasures - Part 1

At long last I have been able to get out and take the photos of my new stock. Although the days are getting gradually longer and brighter here in Scotland, it is hard to get a decent photo in doors (I am longing to upgrade to a professional quality camera, but that is a big purchase which is a few months away at the moment), so I have been longing to get out in some dry weather to take them instead.  Yesterday I got my chance and managed to get my photos on the banks of the River Ness in Inverness. The River Ness flows out of Loch Ness - world renowned for it's mythical and legendary inhabitant Nessie.  The weather was very cold and frosty and my hands had gone numb by the end, but here is a sneak preview at some of the goodies that will be listed in my store in the next couple of days (you can click on all the photos to enlarge them):

One of a kind, 'Woodland Treasures' bag:

I had a lot of fun making this lovely 'Woodland Treasures' bag, that has a strap long enough for going over your head/cross-ways over your body. It features an acorn, an oak leaf and a little owl on a branch charms and matching beads on the draw closure.  A head-turner of a bag that is perfect for afternoon walks in the woods and treasure collecting.  I may make another similar one, but it will not be exactly the same, because I do not have all the same yarns left - some of the ones included in this bag, were remnants of one-of-a-kind hand spun yarns. It also has a gorgeous wool smell!

Next up is my one of a kind 'Seaside Treasures' bag, which features 2 beautiful seashell charms, a star fish and a very shy mermaid (she is made from Tibetan silver). Another stunning head-turner of a bag that is perfect for beach combing and long lazy walks along the shore-line:

Like the 'Woodland Treasures' bag, this bag also includes remnants of one of a kind, hand spun yarn, of which I have none left, so although I may make another one similar, it cannot be exactly the same.  I have other themed bags in progress, all using unique, hand spun yarn remnants and with charms.

And who is this little fellow peeking out from a little hole in this tree?

This gorgeous little 'Owl on a Branch Brooch' found a perfect hole to perch in, on this tree, right beside the river - this cute little fellow has two olive wood buttons for eyes and a silver brooch clasp on his back, so that he can be pinned to your jacket, coat, hat, scarf or bag and join you wherever you go on your adventures.  He is a friendly little character and loves to quote words of wisdom that he has learnt.  Here is something he imparted to me yesterday:

To find what you seek in the road of life,
the best proverb of all, is that which says:
"Leave no stone unturned."
~ Edward Bulwer Lytton

Which I think was probably said in response to all the stones, river glass and old pieces of pottery that my children and I collected from the little river-side beach we were on, photographing!  We quite filled our pockets and when we got home, we had a lot of fun trying to work out where all the little pieces of pottery might have come from.  Here is some that my youngest son found, such pretty and subtle colours:

Next up is this lilac, knitted scarf, which would look gorgeous, dressed up with one of the rose brooches from my son's Etsy store, The Wylde Woods, which you can visit here: 

This gorgeous piece of river driftwood was just perfect for photographing everything against. It was very smooth and had lovely textures and colours in it and gorgeous pieces of dried river weeds dangling from it's branches.  I hope it will be there next time we go.

That isn't the whole width of the river if you were wondering - at the place where we were, there are a small group of islands in the middle, known as Ness Islands, where there are beautiful trees and rhodedendrons growing, gorgeous paths for walking, little bridges between the islands, where mini rapids and waterfalls flow beneath.  It is a very popular spot for dog walkers too and even has a tiny dog cemetery in one corner, where those who once enjoyed this beautiful spot for 'walkies', remain lovingly for always.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Coming Soon in The Enchanted Grove

I have been working very hard at making lots of new items for my Etsy shop over the last month and I will be gradually listing these in the next few weeks - I have crocheted bracers and wrist cuffs (perfect for Rennaisance Faires, re-enactors or Elves and Fairy Folk), new chokers, gorgeous OOAK themed arty bags, merfolk art dolls and some very special pieces of mixed media collage, plus I have plans for lots of new things in the coming months (more art, art dolls, and mermaid themed crochet wear and Waldorf inspired animals). Please keep an eye out. If you would like to join my new mailing list and be the first to find out about my latest work, then please send me a 'convo' with your email address and I will add you.

My eldest son has now also got his own Etsy shop called 'The Wylde Woods', which I supervise for him. He currently has some beautiful rose brooches and is gradually going to add needle felted toys and art dolls.
Please take a look at his store here:

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I just wanted to wish all my customers and readers a very Happy New Year for 2011.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter Sale on in My Etsy Store

I hope you are all keeping warm - we have had a lot of snow and very cold temperatures here in the UK and in this part of Scotland, though thankfully the paths and roads are being kept accessible and the postal service does not seem too badly affected.

I hope you are all looking forward to celebrating the season - my family and I had a lovely day yesterday, celebrating the Winter Solstice and ate rather too much, but it was a good day and the first sunny one for a while.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my customers and visitors, Season's Greetings and all the very best wishes for the coming year.

To celebrate, I am currently offering a 15% discount to all customers, on all my items at my Etsy Store. Just enter the code: WINTERSALE2010 at the checkout

Friday, 12 November 2010

Girly Waterfall Waistcoat in Inside Crochet Magazine issue 12

Well at last I have got to see a pattern of my own creation in a magazine and I was very excited to see the wonderful pictures from the photoshoot. Inside Crochet 12 Preview

The magazine can be bought in Tesco, WH Smiths and various retail and craft outlets, as well as by subscription and also a digital subscription.

Please look out for my pattern and I hope you will have fun making it.

Crocheting To Beat The Chill!

It has been decidedly chilly and frosty the last few weeks, here in the Highlands, with the local mountains already capped with the first snowfalls of winter, so I have been inspired to make more neck warmers and wrist warmers for my Etsy Store. The new neck warmers are a wrap-around style and fasten with a pretty crocheted flower button and they can be worn in a couple of different styles. They are quite wide, so they can be pulled up to cover the mouth and help keep out those biting winter winds, of which we get plenty here, being near the sea.

The neck warmers would make a perfect gift for a loved one, or as a treat for yourself and are reasonably priced too.  Here are a couple to wet your appetite: