Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Auntie Burrows - A Crocheted Rabbit

Auntie Burrows started out in life as a pencil sketch from my imagination. She then burrowed around in my mind for a while and I eventually made her up into a little crocheted figure. It was whilst her clothes were being made for her, that I started to develop a personality for Auntie Burrows and started to jot down some stories about her.

The pattern for Auntie Burrows is the second of my patterns to be accepted for publication by the UK's Inside Crochet magazine, which will be published in their Spring issue, number 15.  Auntie Burrows is just over 13 inches tall and is fully jointed and can sit and stand unaided. She comes with a complete outfit (as pictured below) and also comes with a little bag that matches her hat and shoes, which is just big enough to fit in a few mini eggs or a hen's sized chocolate egg, to make a wonderful Easter or Springtime gift.

I am very excited to have her pattern accepted and this very week, she will be going off to their offices ready for her photo shoot. She will be away for a while, so I hope she has a safe journey.

Auntie Burrows now has her own blog, which you can see here: The Journal of Auntie Burrows  It is very new at the moment, but keep an eye out for stories, pictures and crafts coming on there, which will be gradually added.  Some of them will be suitable to do with young children, whilst others will be more for an adult to make for children.

I hope you like her and will look out for her pattern in Inside Crochet in the spring.

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